start a cooperative they said

start a coop they said, it will be great they said. 🌐

while i was expecting the process to transition officially into a cooperative to be quick and cookie cutter, the journey is slow and intuitive, custom built. customizing our work culture where meetings can be:  held in a meadow of flowers, centered around a table of cozy snacks, or in our pjs because rest is powerful. 

in the FORT’s cooperative development process, we gained a steering committee of 8 brilliant minds to crystallize the operating agreement and membership model, and align those processes to the Fort’s politic. in that process we are figuring out how we all eat, while also refusing toxic culture.

on a personal note, this process has ripped me apart. it’s the themes of identity crisis, letting go, and confidence fah me. 🌪

the Fort has always been bigger than me and the cooperative’s future is bright 🌞continue to support us by subscribing to our newsletter and checking out the GENERAL STORE. 


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