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i've been delayed on posting because i couldn't figure out a catchy first sentence. this is not the first time that i failed to show up because i didn't feel like something was good enough, and it likely won't be my last. for seven years, i have cultivated what i hoped to be a platform for increasing awareness around the nuisance relationship, where our everyday essential activities (driving to work, buying groceries, or turning on the air) are bound up in a system that drastically deteriorates the earth and consequently limits the earth's capacity to bounce back (resilience). i have done that effectively.







when i started fort negrita i started it for us, errybody, because the forces of nature know no race, class, zip code, or gender (despite the fact that systems do). the platform quickly centered me, ree, and i didn't like that and i still don't, but if it's this face that will convince you to eat less meat/dairy, ask your governments for subsidized renewable energy(solar/wind), opt out of a plastic straw, take a reusable bag to the grocery store, vote for politicians with the highest priority towards climate issues, go outside, borrow instead of buy or buy used instead of new, take public transit, grow food, invest in environmentally friendly businesses, live communally, ride a bike, or bring reusable cup.... then you will most definitely see this face again in the future (lol), and i will also be sharing the spotlight with many other faces (like yours) who can see that the earth requires better care and they are doing what they can to live and give gently on the planet.


fort negrita is officially a cooperative and the coop will be defined more clearly in the near future. in the meantime i ask that you continue to support the fort movement as we transition form ree to we. you can get more about ree at @reefromthefort but listen yall, i'm not here for the captalist grind. that page is unbought and unbossed wildstyle (shout out to shirley), and so, post will come when they are ready, ya feel me? 🐛 may the fort be with you.  



p.s. - that thesis that had me ghost, DEFENDED. 

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