minimize your waste at the grocery store

in 2014, my first year practicing a zero waste lifestyle, i wrote about how to go grocery shopping as a zero waster. check out the original post.

not all grocery stores have a bulk section, which is mostly an issue of affluence, privilege, and class. considering us without access to a grocery store with a bulk section (myself included!)  i'm going to explain how to minimize waste while shopping at a bulk-less (or bulk!) grocery store. 

ONE, bring your own bags! lol yall knew that was going to be tip number one. bring large bags for all your groceries, and even smaller ones for loose produce and bulk items. TWO,  gravitate towards the produce and bulk sections. in the produce section, buy loose produce, items that are not packaged. in the bulk section, bring your own reusable bags and jars to get items (get tare weights first!). these two sections also support a 'clean' diet so it's a win-win. THREE, buy items that come in recyclable packaging (which i realize needs to be a post of it's own). best recyclable items are paper/cardboard, aluminum, and #1 plastics. the worst, and most likely trash packaging are flimsy in texture can fold and be balled up; think ramen packs, chip bags, regular grocery bags, produce bags, etc. FOUR, buy larger sizes to minimize packaging. buy the 5 pound bag of rice, or the larger jar of tomato sauce. 

here's a video i made of shopping zero waste circa 2014. 

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