how to use your reusable menstrual pad

here’s the basics on how to use reusable menstrual pads.

for pre-use
wash newly purchased pads. you can wash them normally in a regular wash, or if you like you can place them in a mesh bag before washing to keep lint and hair from sticking to your pads. no specific detergent is necessary for the main wash, however, borax is preferred for the soak.

during your cycle
watch closely to monitor leaks ((especially when u first use them). how well does your pad absorb your blood and for how many hours? this will give you an idea of when it time to change. change you pad as you feel necessary. snap used pad closed and place in a designated place until you are ready to soak.

post-use for washing
soak pads in water and borax, or if that is unavailable baking soda and white vinegar for about six hours, or overnight. after soak, wash them immediately to avoid them from becoming sour in the solution. or if you will not clean immediately, rinse and wring your pad out after a day of soaking. and late flat to dry. wash normally, or in a mesh bag (optional).

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