how to earn a ticket to afropunk, attend the clothes swap!

we have collaborated with afropunk to help music lovers earn-a-ticket to afropunk by volunteering at the upcoming clothes swap. the clothes swap is a double event with our pad party on September 29 at Murmur Media. 

here's how to sign up to be a volunteer. sign up to rop off bags AND a volunteers shift to reach you goal # of hours. 

1. Download the Chip'N app.
2..Sign-up as a user on Chip’N.
3. Click the green menu button and navigate to the
profile screen.
4. Ensure the email associated with your account is a valid email. If it is not, feel free to update your
email address to a valid one.
5. Enroll in the AfroPunk ATL Program.
6. Click the volunteer button on the Home Screen
7. Search for a volunteer event in your area
8. Click “I will attend” and follow any prompts.
9. You will receive an email with further instructions



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