fort negrita is going global

it was only a matter of time before fort negrita manifested in international spaces and fort negrita is pleased to support TWO GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL  PROJECTS this summer! we need your support, by making a tax deductible donation. FIRST, we are collaborating with Ariana Marshall of @de_lab_outside to support farm advancements and resiliency projects at Eden Organic Farm. we are also hosting the first ever pad party outside of the US in Leogane, Haiti, where women will have an opportunity to learn how to make their own reusable menstrual pads.
one a personal note, this amazing work is part of a large effort orchestrated by my linesisters and i (yes, issa redz), as we celebrate 10 years as deltas, we are affirming one of the core values of our sorority by coordinating these service projects. both countries we are supporting are dear to me. barbados is where my sustainability sister and environmental scientist/ FAMUan, Ariana Marshall, lives and does amazing work to make sustainability the 'Bajan' way. haiti is the native land of many of my closest friends, including life sister/ travel buddy, @beastmode_berc. haiti is also the first Black-led republic that revolted the France in an iconic anti-capitalism/ anti-Earth degradation style. 
this carribean link up will also support the renovation of a school library and a first aid station in Leogane, Haiti and the continued work of fellow environmental educator Ariana (Better Carribean) in building awareness and a cooperative business while also helping local business to adopt non-extractive and resilient business approaches.
the rights to the planet belong to those who contribute the least to the deterioration of natural spaces. fort negrita is honored to be able to offer physical and financial support to these countries. support us by making a tax deductible donation. need a specific number? $13 can help to pay for the cost of a reusable menstrual pad. $25 can help bring a cadre of first adi supplies for injuries. $200 can help pay for a piece of furniture and eco-friendly book for the renovated library.  DONATE HERE:


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