fort negrita celebrates 9 years

This EARTH Month, Fort Negrita celebrates 9 years of earth advocacy.

The Fort was started initially as way to bring awareness to our community about an alternative to the crusty-wasteful-capitalistic-status quo, and the purpose is still the same TIL THIS DAY!

In 2013, we talked basic eco-friendly talk, then we punted to a disciplined zero waste lifestyle, and now we are a budding cooperative business.

Go back in time with us and take a look at our growth (and Ree’s hair changes 💇🏾) over the years.

#1 - CNN (2015)
Our zero waste debut to the world.

#2 - ESSENCE Magazine (2016)
Happy to be featured alongside EJ advocate @professorfulton and compost queen @pashonmurray.

#3 - food diaries by @lcmorrissette (2016)
LeeAnn peeped our genius from the start and has been an avid supporter of the Fort since.

#4 - PBS (2017)
It’s always a pleasure to hear how we’ve changed habits, this is our theory of change!

#5- DeSTination Haiti (2019)
Our first international pad party, thanks to @ddbercy, where we made pads for women in the Fayette and Gran Bois communities.

#6 - Story of Stuff (2020)
A feature on easy practices for living more waste free, curated by @robjgreenfield

#7- The Weather Channel (2021)
Most recent feature and the first where we talk about the Fort as a cooperative.

How has Fort Negrita impacted you in the last 9 years? SHARE in the comments.

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  • Mama Joujou on

    Thank you for teaching the ladies in Fayette and Grandbois how to use the reusable cloth pads
    Having the pads is helpful because sometimes It is financially dificult for them to buy the disposables

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