composting is a guerilla tactic

everyday we have an opportunity to turn our food scraps into nutrient dense soil or methane gas.  if you have a backyard (even at a rental) you can turn those food scraps into nutrient rich compost using three things a pile of leaves, a shovel, and a small bucket that can fit in your freezer. the small bucket should stay in your freezer and as you cook throughout the week put your food scraps in the bucket. meanwhile in the back corner of your yard, make a pile with the leaves and carve out a hole in the middle of the leaves. as your bucket becomes full add the scraps to the center of the hole and then use the shovel to thoroughly cover the scraps with leaves.  the food scraps are called “greens” or nitrogen sources, they are wet and heavy materials and can draw gnats, flies and rodents if they are not covered properly. the leaves are the “browns” or carbon materials. they are typically dry and help to mask the smell of the “greens”. together the nitrogen and carbon sources with the help of oxygen break down in a chemical process called decomposition. all natural things including the human body is ever decomposing. there is an opportunity for us to return our food scraps to nature and also gain a bird sanctuary with all the earthworms that will gravitate to your pile. if you don’t have a backyard, you can identify a community garden within walking distance from your house, and walk (or drive 🙄) there once a week to dump your compost and if you really feeling gully inquire about getting a plot to grow some food.

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