A Good Day in the West End & Zero Waste Highlights

While most of Atlanta was preparing for a 'snow storm' I took another route and focused on a more severe storm 'climate change'. Everyday I am committed to the well being of Earth. IDK why I chose such a big commitment, but it's mine and I'm owning it.

I'm sharing my highlights from Friday the 6th because it was such a great day to be in West End Atlanta.

I started the day at Orange Moon completing my application for Georgia Tech's Environmental Planning program. I'm making the connection between policies, human behaviors and predictions for climate change.

Then I made my way to the grocery store for some produce and due to the 'storm', a 30 minute wait in line. It made me think about how dependent we are on entities like grocery stores to provide us with the essentials. Some of us can't put that much trust in another human being but we give it to corporations so freely. Bizarre.

After the store run, I went to Hammond House for a perfect opportunity to feed three birds with one worm.

  1. I met with two of Atlanta's goodies Quianah Upton (@arbitraryliving) and Sienna Jewsie (@talkeatart) to talk through some super exciting plans for Earth Day.
  2. I show up and support Brandy Shelton (@justaddhoney) a dear kindred spirit as she will now host tea shop hours at the museum on Fridays from 11a-5p. It was so good to finally meet her in person as our first hug was long overdue. Just Add Honey has always been a supporter of the zero waste life providing reusable ware and loose leaf teas (instead of bagged teas) and they have the cutest reusable napkins instead of paper napkins, which matched the brand!
  3. I got to take a tour of the space, something I've been wanting to do. Especially with hanging out at the West End Library so often, I thought I would make it over there but I never did. I got to learn more about Dr. Hammond and his art collection and see a preview of the upcoming art show.

After leaving the Hammond House and at this point it started to rain, I passed by Wecycle, and spotted Wecycle founder Shawn signing off on a package. We got to talk about about the new direction for the space and the new name the WAY.

I did this all within a .75 mile radius, and on foot! I'm grateful to be rooted, connected and abundant.

Zero Waste Highlights for the Day:

  • Brought a reusable bag for my groceries instead of using a disposable plastic bags which can last over 1,000 years in landfills and the ocean
  • Purchased all packaged free produce at the grocery store. Packaging industry contributes to much of the industrial waste and pollution.
  • Dumped my compost in the backyard, a way to put nutrients back into the Earth. Reciprocity.
  • Walked to every location, cutting down on gas extraction and carbon emissions.
  • Used reusableware while having tea with friends, single use disposables quickly clutters up landfills


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