Citizen of the Fort: Aurélia Durand

Citizen of the Fort

This is part of the Citizens of the Fort series, where we highlight Earth conscious folks that are taking a stab and saving the planet in their own unique way. From videographers to tiny home dwellers; each Citizen is building a path to a more sustainable world.

Ever come across an illustration on your social feeds and have to double take like, "is that suppose to be me?!"

I couldn't help but feel that way the day I saw Aurelia Durand's picture of a black girl in an olive green letterman jacket with "Guerrilla Gardener" stitched on the front panel, she's holding a bag of seeds and standing in front of what looks like an urban transformation from concrete jungle to urban oasis.

This illustration is only one of Aurélia Durand's "Generation Green" series, where she highlights hypebeasts and wayfarers who are planting food, riding bikes and living in shipping containers.

Aurélia lives in Copenhagen and has published several other art series on polar animals and humorous cartoons about climate change, which you can check out on her website.

I got to talk with Aurélia about the messages in her art, see the responses below.

How long have you been creating illustrations?
I draw since a very longtime but I started to create illustrations when I started to study art and design at Les Beaux-Arts in Orléans, France.

Why do you focus on nature and climate issues?
For my master thesis I wrote about climate change and what design can do to have less impact on our environment. It is a this point that I focus on this subject because it touches me, knowing that our world is in mutation and that our futur is not certain made me think a lot.

Outside of illustrating, what are other sustainable practices you have/share?
I am living in a city which is the best place to bike so I am biking everyday. I am also a dumpster diver when I can.

How does Copenhagen embrace sustainable culture and environmental issues?
In this city there are lots of people who care about climate change. There are lots of events organized in the city where you can meet people and share about your ideas and make it real.

Can you give a story of a childhood memory connecting with nature (nature, animals, seasons, etc)?
When I remember that I went to the forest and look at the deferents spies of mushrooms.

Favorite smell in nature?
I like the smell of the forest and the wet wood.

Favorite lyric inspired by nature, or the mentions nature?
I like the songs of Bon Iver and his music videos (canadian and iclandic landscape are really  breathtaking) It leads you into the wild directly. As you can guess I also really like the movie Into the wild (on of my best movie ever).

Top 3 environmental issues on your mind right now?
-air pollution
-sea level rise

Cope one of her illustrations on her Etsy shop.

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