Citizen of the Fort: Syreeta Bond

Citizen of the Fort

This is part of the Citizens of the Fort series, where we highlight Earth conscious folks that are taking a stab and saving the planet in their own unique way. From videographers to tiny home dwellers; each Citizen is building a path to a more sustainable world.
In my former life, I was fashion addict, never missing a beat with the newest statement trends.
Now that I'm wiser, I understand the fashion industry thrives on fleeting trends, which have lasting effects on the health of the environment.
Luckily, there are fashion designers like Syreeta Bond that take responsibility for the true cost of a fashionable commerce.
Syreeta runs Lipstick Killers Collection, a unique line of handmade dresses that has partners with BLUEdot Register to offset carbon usage in her manufacturing process.
I got the chance to ask Syreeta more about her fashion line and eco-inspiration. Check out her interview.
Can you give a story of a childhood memory connecting with nature (nature, animals, seasons, etc)?
I am a spring baby born April 16th so that is my favorite season besides Fall. I remember as a child always loving to ride my bike outside and feel the breeze against my face. I love the fall because I love wearing boots and sweaters ever since childhood. 

Favorite smell in nature?
My favorite smell in nature is the smell of fresh rain. There's nothing like the smell of the rain coming before a storm. 
Favorite lyric inspired by nature, or the mentions nature?
My favorite lyric inspired by nature is from the song Orange Moon by Erykah Badu: I'm an orange moon reflecting the light of the sun.
Actually the whole song is amazing, she has another line that says "he saw his reflection in me then he smiled at me when turned to me he said to me how good it is" so beautiful. 

The day it clicked…
The day it clicked was when I fully understood what it meant to offset my carbon footprint. At that point I knew that I could change the world one sale at a time. 

What made you want to create a net zero process for your business, Lipstick Killers?
Once I analyzed the carbon footprint of my business, I knew that I could do more by becoming aware of my impact on our earth. So therefore if I could trace my import and exports, I could reduce them and support more businesses  locally. I love being international but if I could get more local supplies for my clothing, I could become more and more waste free. 
What other enhancements are you planning to make to Lipstick Killers to make the business more eco-friendly?
Since I am still a home based business, I can control my environmental impact. My plans are to utilize organic products and technology as well. When I develop a manufacturing facility, I can incorporate solar energy as well. All while maintaining my carbon neutral certification as well. The possibilities are endless! 

Are customers seeking you out because you have sustainable practices? What's your customers perspective on sustainable production?
I believe that my customer base is becoming more aware of our involvement in caring for the environment but there still is a learning opportunity. It's our job as carbon offset companies to continue to educate our customers. 

As a black environmentalist, how have friends and family reacted to your pursuits? 
My friends and family are beginning to understand what we are doing and are very proud of our commitment to making the world a better place. I can feel the inspiration exuding from them and they are also becoming more involved. 

What's some of the biggest environmental issues that are not being discussed in the Black community? 
I have had the opportunity to live in the north and the south and the common theme is that there are not enough recycle options being given to the black community. It's rare that you see bottle/cans recycling bins, clothing recycling bins,  cardboard, etc. These options should be at every school every grocery store every corner store. Everyone should be doing their part. There is so much waste, especially in predominantly black apartment complexes, where tons of trash is just dumped in a huge bin, not separated or at least single streamed. This needs to stop. If the option is given then I truly believe that people would begin to do the right thing. 

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