How To Recycle Those Hard-to-Recycle Items?


keep atlanta beautiful
I love Saturdays, it’s the rebellious day of the week when you can legitimately do whatever you want and not have to worried the next day, because HEY, it’s Sunday, my second favorite day of the week

Well, my favorite thing to do on Saturdays is to volunteer with Keep Atlanta Beautiful, not quite the unruly act you were looking for eh?

Keep Atlanta Beautiful (KAB) is a non-profit that gives ATLiens a chance to recycle hard-to-dispose items; like old/non-working appliances, technology from the early 2000s, #6 Styrofoam and paint.

My job is to greet participants, direct cars and tally the entrance numbers. More importantly I eat free lunch and have fun with the KAB team!

KAB director, Peggy Denby does most of the work. She has built relationships with the current vendors and is working to get more in the future. Throughout a shift she may wonder off to take a phone call, check on the vendors or count up the donation bin.

There’s also Jon, Atlanta’s social butterfly, and if this were anything like Game of Thrones, he’d be Lord of Virginia Highlands. He’s my partner in recycling crime and the first to wonder when lunch is coming.

Then there’s Don (not pictured), he is always ready to take the next car that drives up.

You can visit one of their two sites a month. The 1st Saturdays of the month are in Buckhead (Second-Ponce de Leon Baptist Church 2715 Peachtree Road, NE*), and second Saturdays of the month in Old 4 Ward (Walden School 320 Irwin Street NE*) from 10a-3p.

Here's a list of some of the acceptable items for SEO purposes.
personal Computers • Monitors • LCD Screen/Flat Screen Monitors • *TVs • VCRs • Radios • Stereos • DVD Players • Microwaves • Power Supplies • Banking Equipment •Telephones • Pagers • Networking Equipment • Laptops • Keyboards • Mice • Power Cables • Medical Equipment (Non-hazardous) • Printers • Copy Machines • Fax Machines • Cell Phones • Transformers • Scanners • Portable Electronic Devices • Servers • HUBs • Ink Cartridges • Toner Cartridges • Remotes • Modems • Projectors • Cameras • Small Household Appliances• bicycles• grills• lawn chairs• metal rods• car parts• household appliances (any coolant evacuated)•paper shredding on site•textiles•old clothes•

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