Five Reasons I Choose Zero Waste Life

Zero Waste

Some people may refer to the Zero Waste life as extreme, but I find Zero Waste to be the truest form of green living. Initially I started Fort Negrita to document my preparations for moving to Ecuador. I purged a lot of unnecessary stuff and gave how-tos on recycling uncommon items like old clothes, a broken waffle maker and mattresses. 

While in Ecuador, a friend of mine introduced me to No Trash Project. No Trash Project is a blog by Colleen Doyle, who lives without consuming waste, even down to gifts for others and packing to move to another state. I was utterly fascinated by her approach! It was so little, but had an immense purpose behind it. I soon found a whole community of Zero Wasters from Paris to NYC and quickly wanted in.

So why? Why am I choosing to make my life difficult to prevent a little bit of trash in landfills?

I share these things on my blog because everyone (YOU ESPECIALLY!) are genuinely interested in the Earth's health. The only challenge is reversing your perspective a bit. Learning that convenience isn't always a beneficial thing and seeing the bigger picture.

Every purchase we make is a vote. "Yes, keep this stuff on the shelf." "No, I'm not buying." It encourages a demand and tells stores, distributors and companies to produce more of what you are buying. Think of all those snacks you liked as a kid and how they're discontinued. That's because a new company grabbed your attention and your mom shifted from buying one snack to the other.

I don't expect my Zero Waste efforts to stop production of every packaged item in the world, but it is my way of fighting against the wasteful norms. In election time, do you vote for the person you really want to win despite a possib le lost or the person who's on their way to a landslide victory?

Long-term, I will live on a remote island with a community of beautiful like-minded people. We will be strong, healthy, resourceful and independent. Our solidarity will not allow us to purchase much. Zero Waste life encourages self-sustaining communities like such.

Well, if you look at it from the perspective of one single person, then yes it is insignificant, but everything that is now popular, once was not. Coca-Cola wasn't always the classic soda, hell, even bottled drinks were unpopular at some point. Zero wasting is bubbling and I hope to encourage others to adapt a Zero Waste life.

Clean eating to the core. Health is an ever-going trend, where people are looking for the cleanest products to support a non-gmo, chemical free, zero preservative diet. What's cleaner than fresh produce and bulks grains/nuts/ dried fruit?

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