10 Things I Learned From 30 Days Zero Waste

Zero Waste

recycling is not enough

The April No Trash challenge was really my initiation into zero waste life. I had teetered with the lifestyle for about 6 months and realized the only way I could really switch over was if I committed to it completely for the sake of my viewers. I would often talk about the lifestyle with people and everyone thought it was impossible. I had to prove to the citizens of Fort Negrita and myself the zero waste life is very possible. Also, that this life is stress free, minimal, socially conscious and holistically-driven.


So. How was it?Well, I’d rather like to ask How IS it? (As I’m zero waste for life!)


The first week was troubled. I probably filled up that Mason jar halfway with paper towels in the first week alone. Not that I was intentionally grabbing them, but it was a habit developed over 20+ years that I had to carefully shake. After the first week I became better at not pulling paper towels in the bathroom, but instead, I missed buying stuff! And I stress stuff, because it was never something I needed, but rather a desire. And honestly a waste of money!


In my first 30 days of zero waste life, I learned many things about myself and the purchasing-trap out here ready to get us all!  Here are 10 things I learned in my first 30 days of zero waste life:


There is always a teachable moment in Zero Waste life. Let’s face it your standing in a busy line at a deli asking that they put your sandwich in a steel container, OH, and don’t include the wax paper! People are bound to ask you what the hell. Have an elevator speech ready to leave the curious cat second-guessing his/her next purchase.


People are not going to understand why you think one plastic smoothie cup and straw will stop global warming, save the ice caps and keep animals from suffocating in plastic bags. Be comfortable with their raised eyebrows and awkward pauses for thought. This too shall pass and you will proudly walk away with waste-less goodies.


Independently-owned companies are your friends! Most of these companies have sustainable practices, and love to encourage what you doing.


Your wants are purely useless habits you have adopted thanks to your soul being brought into this Earthly world as a human. Your soul doesn’t want that crap!


You will inspire your friends, family and strangers. It will feel good!


Food Container. Mason jar. Napkin. Eating utensil. Reusable bag. Never leave home without them!


Humans are innately generous and because of this, you will acquire unsolicited trash along the zero waste path.  Surprise lunch wrapped in all its paper goodness, napkins to clean up a mess or mail coupons.


Find the upside of everything and when I say upside, I really mean upcycle that bih!


Zero Waste isn’t just for buying groceries and home items. How can you make life’s events zero waste, this includes gift giving and throwing parties.



Don’t pass off trash for the next person. Own up to your waste! It gets weird with sharing items, whose trash is it anyways? Be definitive and help the whole group figure out a zero waste option.

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