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So this Zero Waste life will never be an option for you unless I break it down. Right? Right!

It really is a pleasure droppin' Zero Waste science for the people, and I've been anticipating delivering video how-tos since I first started my Zero Waste life. Earlier this year, I was trying to figure things out myself, but now I have a swing of things and want to share with you all the how-tos of the lifestyle
Over the next two months, I will be giving weekly how-tos on Zero Waste life, and we are starting in none other than the bathroom! I chose the bathroom over the kitchen because typically people wonder if I use toilet paper or disposable sanitary napkins. In due time, you will figure all of these things out!

Feel free to make requests for things you would like to see me cover in the comment section or email me at fortnegrita [at] gmaildotcom. Check out the list of things I will be covering in the upcoming weeks below.
Since the average women uses 10,000 disposables in her lifetime and the idea of disposable feminine products is a little over 100 years old, let's quit this habit before it gets out of control.
Zero Waste Body Care
I was accidentally practicing ZW body care before really getting into the lifestyle, and I would like to add that everything I put on my body is edible. :-)


Zero Waste Make-Up
Because every women likes a little mascara and eyeliner, I'm sharing how to get minimal #beatface, with minimal trash.


Zero Waste Dental Care
Fight off the gingivitis, fluoride and trash all at once. Make your own toothpaste in less than 2 minutes.


Have you seen Fort Negrita's fro? With this big and fluffy fro, there is no way around the need for hair products. Here are my zero waste options.

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