How to Make Zero Waste Toothpaste (VIDEO)

Zero Waste

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Toothpaste tubes- easily one of the most non-recyclable, non-zero waste, landfill-bound packaging.

Before I officially started my zero waste life, I switched to homemade toothpaste. One, to cut out all the ingredients I can't pronounce. Two, to save my pineal gland by cutting out fluoride. Three, because it's so damn trashy! An average household throws away 1-2 tubes a month!

And they're not even recyclable!

Zero waste/Homemade toothpaste requires three ingredients:
1. Baking Soda- polishes teeth, fights bad breath, neutralizes acids
2. Coconut Oil- reduces bacteria, anti-fungal
3. Peppermint Oil- Antiseptic for pain, freshens breath
4. Tea Tree Oil (Optional)

Start with the baking soda and fill your container up 3/4 full.
Fill up the rest of the container with slightly melted coconut oil.
Just enough so you have space to stir.
Stir slowly and push out chunks and air bubbles with the fork.
Continue to add baking soda and coconut oil as needed until it gets to the consistency of icing.
Add 10 drops of peppermint oil and tea tree oil.
Stir the mixture.
Check for flavor and consistency.
Close and store.

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