Make Zero Waste Hair Cleanser/Shampoo (VIDEO)

Zero Waste

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Washing your hair can be a super wasteful experience. From the water usage to the plastic bottles of products and time, OH MY! It can really get trashy.

Luckily, I recently cut my hair off, so bye bye to 6-hours of wrestling with my hair, but I've also transitioned to several alternatives to traditional shampoo.

For this particular version, you will need:
Aloe Vera Leaf- Made of a protein similar to Keratin (the primary protein seen in hair)
Bentonite Clay- It's like a vacuum for you hair strands. Electrical charges in the clay act as a sponge to soak up dirt in your hair
Tea Tree Oil- Anti-fungal for scalp
Essential Oils- Smelly goods!
Non-Metal Utensils

Cut your aloe vera leaf, beginning with the two longest edges, then split the two sides of the aloe Vera leaf.
You now have two slimy sides, use a spoon/knife to scoop all of the meat out of the leaf and into your blender.
Blend the aloe vera meat until it becomes a foam-filled juice.
Pour the aloe vera juice into your storage container.
Add bentonite clay, tea tree and essentials oils.
Place top on bottle and shake until the ingredients are well blended.
Apply directly to scalp and let it trickle down to the rest of your hair for best results.

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