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I am learning everyday to allow the space between where I am and where I want to be, to inspire me and not terrify me.  Says Miss Boss, Tracee Ellis Ross

I've been really quiet on the blog for the past couple of months, and I although it appears that I'm a blogger that allows her 9 to 5 to overshadow her passion, the truth is, I've been working on Fort Negrita more than ever. Just in a rabbit hole creating something beautiful.

Here's the story.

A couple of months ago, I asked a friend of mine to take some updated photos of me for Fort Negrita, she gladly agreed, but also sat down, and in the sweetest way possible (y'all know Jess) let me know I needed to revamp the whole website.

It had been something I was contemplating to do for a long time.

'One day I'm going to redesign the website… start an online store… blog with more consistency.'

But I never focused on what that really meant.

I'm appreciative to the universe for using Jess as a vessel to tell me, 'girl, if you don't update this rusty site.'

Instead of letting me take great photos for a dated website, I was encouraged to rework the entire platform.

So there will be a relaunch in December, which will include a blog and online store for zero waste goodies (reusable bags, pop cups, sporks and feminine products). The new platform will also give me a chance to showcase the work I'm doing to make Atlanta the Seattle of the South.

With the big plans, I went through a cathartic process of defining my dream audience: What does she look like? What does she wear? What's her plans for the weekend?

It really helped me to hone in on my perfect reader, while recognizing the trends and repetitive opportunities to develop content.

Especially since I am outgrowing the idea of just being a blogger, I'm working with small businesses in Atlanta to get them to convert zero waste habits. Specifically right now I'm  working to convince 30 coffee shops in the city to go zero waste for an hour, which means plenty of emails, meetings and a whole bunch of java.

As mentioned, I am preparing to launch a store that coincides with the tips and how-tos on my blog. The store will be the perfect supplement for those that are inspired by the zero waste tips provided on Fort Negrita, and are ready to commit to some lifestyle changes. Products include feminine napkins made from salvaged sewing materials, bulk aisle bags, cloth napkins, sporks and grocery bags. I'm excited to share!

I'm also planning content; figuring out where are the gaps, which how-tos have I not shared and where do you need me most.

With all of this I've carved out a Fort Negrita manifesto, revamped the about, and sorted my content for easier use.

All of this has kept Fort Negrita on the brain day-in and day-out, and again me in the twisted abyss of a rabbit hole. But it's also made me a proud mama of how far the Fort has come and how far it will go.

Peace from the hole, I mean, the Fort,

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