5 tips for choosing the best water bottle for your life

choosing the right reusable water bottle for you, really depends on your lifestyle. water bottles are an investments (ranging from $10 to upward $80), and so, getting the right one on the first buy is important. and since we've been around the reusable water bottle block for some time, and also spent money on many bottles that didn't work for my lifestyle, here are five things to consider when choosing the best water bottle. 

if you are clumsy, you might not want a glass bottle. and if you are a zero waste enthusiasts you don't want a plastic water bottle. as a eco-womanist, we recommend stainless steel bottles, because they are earth-friendly, won't break like glass, and won't seep chemicals into your drinks. 

some of your favorite's favorite water bottle doesn't even have a handle (insert confused face). how am we suppose to enjoy a walk while having to clench a reusable water bottle for dear life? if you know you're on the go, make sure your water bottle has a handle for easy carrying and clamping it to a carabiner. 

consider what you will likely put in your water bottle. are you a strictly water type of person? then, a non-insulated water bottle might be ideal for you. but if you like to brew a goodt tea in your water bottle or don't like when your water gets hot from the sun, then choosing an insulated water bottle is your best bet. 

yep, size matters. are you one of those get halfway of water intake by noon kinda people? then you are definitely going to want a larger bottle. if you travel by bike and public transit, you will likely want a smaller bottle. the 32 oz. is a perfect size for keeping you hydrated without weighing you down. 

is your reusable water bottle tricked out? can you slap some stickers on it for more personalization? does it come with a built in straw? we really enjoy the bottles with the lid cup, for sipping hot drinks. because the insulation on bottles are so great, it can take hot liquids all day to cool down, but with the lid cup, you can pour hot liquids into the lid for a quicker cool down and enjoyment. 

check out Fort Negrita's Stainless Steel Canteen with Lid Cup in the General Store.

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