How to buy menstrual pads zero waste in Atlanta?

Atlanta Zero Waste zero waste atlanta

There's nothing like needing a reusable menstrual pad, at the moment when you NEED a reusable menstrual pad, like at the start your cycle.

You've been thinking about trying zero waste feminine products: a reusable sanitary napkin or sea sponge, hell, even a menstrual cup, but you never made the time to research, make orders and have them ready by the time that egg dropped.

Luckily, zero waste and minimalist women in Atlanta have access to menstrual pads on demand at HodgePodge Coffeehouse and Gallery right off of Moreland.

This women-owned (yes two!) coffee shop curates a mini boutique for jewelry, journals and art made by local artist. They also carry the Fort Negrita Fortress Pads.

If you need them in a jiffy head to HodgePodge. You can also buy them online here.


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