How to zero waste grocery shop in Atlanta?

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For #ZW newbies, you might be wondering what's the difference between zero waste grocery shopping and regular shopping. In short, zero waste shopping requires a bulk section, but if you want the full details on how to grocery shop as a zero wasters, check out my post "How to Zero Waste Grocery Shop?"

My favorite store to shop at is Sevananda, they meet most of my needs in one place, which prevents the need of having to make several stops. There bulk aisle includes nuts, rices, pastas, gluten-free grains, granola (gluten free too!), premixed soups, salts, cereals, wasabi peas, candies, animal crackers, trail mix, beans, coffees and much more. They also have olive oil, safflower oil, honey, peanut butter, castile soap, bar soap, herbs, seasonings, teas and sage; all without packaging.

Another great local grocery store is Nut n' Berries in Brookhaven.

Up next is Sprouts with four location in the area (Dunwoody, John's Creek, Symrna and soon Buckhead). Although they only carry edible dry goods, they have a nice selection of fun snacks in bulk like honey mustard pretzels, dried fruits, dark chocolate peanut clusters and licorice.

One of my favorite big box stores is Whole Foods (Ponce). When it comes to zero waste, they totally 'get it.' Aside from a huge bulk selection, you can grab a fresh juice, coffee or a hot bar bowl without trashy hassle.

At the Kroger on Moreland the bulk section is minimal, I'm talking five types of nuts, cous-cous and steel cut oats, but they are trying. I specifically love their olive bar; olives, brined peppers, hummus and cheeses ALL WASTE FREE, if you bring you own containers.

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