Sunday, August 30, 2015

RSVP for The First Zero Waste Event In Atlanta

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I've been entertaining this idea in my mind for a while to start a zero waste Meetup group in Atlanta.

As if I'm some unicorn from Venus, one day I frantically asked Trapp, a staff member at Sevananda, "Are there other people like me?!" as he measured the weight of my mason jars and food containers.

He told me there were others, like the guy who brings old liquor bottles to fill up with honey, and another who solely comes to fill up on peanut butter.

It eased my mind but it also made me wonder; Who were these people? Why they started zero wasting? Where else did they shop?

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Be Your Own Doctor

Since when did you become a criminal for not signing up for sub par healthcare?

Only in America.

This ObamaCare thing really has me scratching my head. If it really is healthcare for all then why must I apply? And how come in Cuba all are welcome without any type of insurance program, just show up? And what's really the deal with Western medicine anyways?

I've heard stories about how men in Medieval Europe made midwifery illegal, so that women would HAVE to go to hospitals with certified doctors (all men, probably the only people capable of education) to birth a baby.

This was certainly an attempt to grow the gynecology field, and make midwifery illegitimate practice,  because before that, women were literally throwing 'girls night in' to help their fellow queen friends give birth.

Either those men really wanted their medicine field to grow, or they were jealous of all the laughter, talking and dancing going on in the next room.

Now, let's talk about medicine, because I'm reading "Freedom" by Osho and he talks a bit about medicine. Here it goes.

"The commune should pay the doctor to keep the commune healthy, and if anybody gets sick in the commune the doctor's salary should be cut. So health is the business of the doctor, not sickness. And you can see the difference: in the West the doctor's business is called "medicine," which relates to sickness.  In the East its called "Ayurveda," which means "the science of life"- not of sickness."

When I think about my previous doctor's visits, it usually goes a little something like this. Nurse brings me into a windowless room. (Typically a) she takes my blood pressure, weight and last period. Asks if there's any specific reason I'm here today. Jots down notes, then dips. After another 15 minutes. The doctor comes in all apologetic. Grabs my manila folder and ask questions. I tell her whats going on as she jots down more notes. Follow by more in-depth notes, while the room is silent. Next, she's reaching for her good ole prescription pad. She's stamping her order for some medicine  for me to pickup and take.

It's so sad, because that's all most doctors know how to do. They spend a lot of time at universities learning anatomy and such, but don't really understand your body and circumstance well enough to offer up some real advice.

That's where you come in, yes Dr. You. You're with your body everyday. Dr. You knows what gives you heartburn, starts unstoppable hiccups and causes pain in your knees. LISTEN and self prescribe. Use the internet for suggestions on healing, and remember that food, herbs and the comfort of other humans beings are the only types of prescriptions you will need.

Peace to the Fort.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Make Zero Waste Hair Cleanser/Shampoo (VIDEO)

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Washing your hair can be a super wasteful experience. From the water usage to the plastic bottles of products and time, OH MY! It can really get trashy.

Luckily, I recently cut my hair off, so bye bye to 6-hours of wrestling with my hair, but I've also transitioned to several alternatives to traditional shampoo.

For this particular version, you will need:
Aloe Vera Leaf- Made of a protein similar to Keratin (the primary protein seen in hair)
Bentonite Clay- It's like a vacuum for you hair strands. Electrical charges in the clay act as a sponge to soak up dirt in your hair
Tea Tree Oil- Anti-fungal for scalp
Essential Oils- Smelly goods!
Non-Metal Utensils

Make Zero Waste Body Butter (VIDEO)

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This is universal gold. Hair, body, nail, hand, toe butter. Apply liberally anywhere for an automatic transition to the Egyptian pyramids, circa, ancient times.

Did I mention I get the shea butter zero waste at an Afro-Boutique in Little Five Points? Did I mention all the ingredients are zero waste? Oh...

How to Make Zero Waste Toothpaste (VIDEO)

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Toothpaste tubes- easily one of the most non-recyclable, non-zero waste, landfill-bound packaging.

Before I officially started my zero waste life, I switched to homemade toothpaste. One, to cut out all the ingredients I can't pronounce. Two, to save my pineal gland by cutting out fluoride. Three, because it's so damn trashy! An average household throws away 1-2 tubes a month!

And they're not even recyclable!

Zero waste/Homemade toothpaste requires three ingredients:
1. Baking Soda- polishes teeth, fights bad breath, neutralizes acids
2. Coconut Oil- reduces bacteria, anti-fungal
3. Peppermint Oil- Antiseptic for pain, freshens breath
4. Tea Tree Oil (Optional)