Thursday, August 14, 2014

Zero Waste Hygiene/Beauty Series

Mounting created Bloggif

So this Zero Waste life will never be an option for you unless I break it down. Right? Right!

It really is a pleasure droppin' Zero Waste science for the people, and I've been anticipating delivering video how-tos since I first started my Zero Waste life. Earlier this year, I was trying to figure things out myself, but now I have a swing of things and want to share with you all the how-tos of the lifestyle

Over the next two months, I will be giving weekly how-tos on Zero Waste life, and we are starting in none other than the bathroom! I chose the bathroom over the kitchen because typically people wonder if I use toilet paper or disposable sanitary napkins. In due time, you will figure all of these things out!

Feel free to make requests for things you would like to see me cover in the comment section or email me at fortnegrita [at] gmaildotcom. Check out the list of things I will be covering in the upcoming weeks below.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ree, The Swing and The Chattahoochee River

recycling is not enough

After volunteering all Saturday under the hot sun for Keep Atlanta Beautiful, I was looking forward splashing around in some chilly river water.

I was expecting to go right after my stunt with KAB, but with the day getting late, we decided to wait until Sunday.

That night I pack up Zero Waste snacks; tortilla chips, hummus, grapes, a veggie sandwich and a mason jar full of water and dreamed of wading in the water the very next day.

The weather forecast expected possible rain, but either way I would be backstroking in the Hooch, so I wasn't too bothered. I left the house around 11am to meet my friends at the North Springs Marta Station. They scooped me up and we rode to the Chattahoochee National Park in John's Creek.

Before getting out the car, I had shed my outer clothes and re-checked my book bag for everything I needed.

We walked through the trails a bit, climbing large rocks and stepping over rotted tree bark. While walking, we sung some 90s R&B favorites and picked at moss growing from the trees.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Guests in the Fort: Plastic-Free Culture Around the Globe

recycling is not enough
Citizens of Fort Negrita! Today you are in for a treat as there are five visitors in the Fort today. Five bloggers from Plastic-Free Tuesday, a blog that skips plastic on Tuesdays to help reduce the plastic footprint. I really wanted to share experiences about their home countries to show how similar (and different!) Green culture is in other countries.

They all seem to have to put up the same fight just like I do while grocery shopping and eating out, and they all have a continuous passion that will not stop! Check out the entries below, and visit If you are interested, take the Tuesday challenge and go plastic-free on Tuesdays!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Your Favorite Zero Waster's Favorite Zero Waster

recycling is not enough

There’s a riddim in his bounce as one foot raises, knee nearly pointing towards the clear blue sky, then stomps down on the bare-cracked patch of land. A slight dirt cloud rumbles underneath the tattered black Nike SBs dressed with green and red accents. The gait is profound as if every step is premeditated, and the moment in between each stride is a firm decision to step on Babylon.

Honey-brown ropes of hair sway back and forth against his khaki shirt, and then the trance slowly sobers up as he touches the fuzzy leaf of a plant then looks up with his slit-like eyes and says “Search My Heart.” As his worn hands pluck the stems, he tells a few uses of the plant including heart health, which is probably how it got its name.

A humble king of Westmorland, Sinco is the best teacher of the Earth’s natural remedies. He can eyeball any shrub; tell you the name and one of his personal favorite ways to use it. He’s independent in the truest form and dismisses any Bob Marley listenin’, crochet garment wearin’ individual that claims to be Rastafarian, but doesn’t grow his own food.

Sinco depends on no one to feed, clothe, and shelter himself, and over my five days of being with him, I quickly ordain him as the Zero Waste Godfather.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

How to Live Zero Waste in Jamaica

recycling is not enough
More than wanting to sit on the drool-worthy beaches of Jamaica, I really wanted to put my Zero Waste skills to work in another country. Just from reading fellow Zero Waste blogs I knew the standards vary from place to place. 

So how did I do for eight days in Jamaica? I only garnered five single pieces of trash independently. That's two sets of flight tickets (ATL>MIA MIA>MBJ MBJ>ORL ORL>ATL) and a receipt. But the group visited a super market (bad idea!) the first day we arrived and everything came packaged.

Here are a few tips for staying Waste Free in Jam Rock.