Reserve your spot for the next reusable menstrual pad workshop!



 Reusable menstrual pads are an economical, environmental, health and comfortable alternative to disposable menstrual products. 

Fort Negrita hosts DIY workshops throughout the year so that people that bleed have a chance to make a reusable pad, either regular sized or XL.

Making reusable pads accessible for all!

Women are encouraged to bring snacks and wine, and come ready to talk about flow, herbal remedies, favorite R&B songs and such

There is a suggested donation of $7 for the cost of the materials, and if people are unable to pay, we can accommodate them.



top five reasons to switch
i can't help but consider how much of an uphill battle it is for people to embrace their menstrual cycle experience. here's five reasons to switch to reusable menstrual pads? get the list





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