Free Reusable Pad Pattern with Instructions


Get the pattern PDF here. Instructions below. 

An upcycle reusable menstrual pad is an environmentally friendly, economical, and healthy alternative to conventional menstrual products on the market

This pattern will guide you to make a five layer reusable menstrual pad at home and on your own pace with materials you already own! using needle and thread or even a sewing machine.

Here’s recommended materials for your pad:

  • top layer- will touch skin, should be absorbent but not too fluffy. t-shirt material, wicking, or flat cotton is great for this layer.
  • insert layers (3)- center layers for pad, will not be seen once sew project is complete. flannel is ideal for this layer. (if you use a towel fabric, only use 1-2 inserts, don’t make pad too thick and bulky)
  • base layer- this will touch your underwear. fleece is an ideal material, however, flannel/ terry work as well.

needle & thread (or a sewing machine) straight pins old clothes to upcycle chalk/pen (for marking) cloth ribbon/velcro, button, or snap (for wings)


  1. cut out the solid pattern from piece of paper.
  2. lay top layer material on a flat surface. pin pattern on top layer. carefully cut out your top layer. detach material and pattern. mark two straight lines for step #8.
  3. repeat step two for bottom layer without marking two straight lines.
  4. fold paper pattern at the wings to expose only the insert area (dotted line shape)
  5. lay insert material on a flat surface. (if possible, fold the material into three layers to cut all of your inserts at once) pin pattern on insert layer. carefully cut out your top layer. detach material and pattern. mark two straight lines on each insert.
  6. repeat step five two more times if you only cut out one insert the first time.(remember you need three inserts in total)
  7. align and pin top layer and 3 inserts like the pattern shown. inserts should be connected to the back of the top layer (inside out)
  8. sew two straight lines that were marked on the top layer and inserts. now all four layers should be connected.
  9. align and pin the front facing side of the top layer to the front facing side of the base layer. inserts should be exposed.
  10. sew top layer to base layer starting at the black star and ending at the white star. leave the space in between the stars open to turn your pad right side out.
  11. after sewing the top and base layer together. turn the pad right side out.
  12. tuck the fraying edges of material at the hole and sew the hole close.
  13. add wing closure (snap, button, velcro, etc.) using the white circles on the pattern as a reference.
  14. congratulations for taking control of your menstrual cycle!

Get the pattern PDF here. Instructions below.