2-Sided Bamboo Spork
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2-Sided Bamboo Spork

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unlike it's disposable-plastic counterparts, the 2-Sided Bamboo Spork is great for eating eco-friendly on the go. this bamboo spork can be washed and reused, and it is made of biodegradable material. take this hybrid fork and spoon everywhere for convenient, sustainable and safe eating.

this spork measures 8.6 inches long, and is made from 100% NATURAL high quality bamboo with no chemical finish. bamboo utensils are recommended in Ayurveda medicine.

this purchase will help you to cut plastic waste, decrease unnecessary usage of natural resources, and likely keep a turtle (or other sea life) from harm. 


care: wash with like materials, use snaps gently.

great for: brunching with friends. day hike lunches. back country backpacking. packed lunches. eating on the go. music/summer festivals. day parties. nights out. traveling. drinking coconuts. sustainability events. everyday alternative to disposable straws. 

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