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Fortress Reusable Cloth Pad

$ 9.00

A five-layer cloth sanitary napkin made from cotton, flannel and fleece materials. Each Fortress Pad is made from material remnants from fabric stores.

These sustainably- sourced cloth pads come in limited amounts per batch, so don't procrastinate on making a purchase. View my video about zero waste feminine products for some encouragement.

This 9" pad has 2.5" wings with a snap for connecting to your underwear.

Get leak-proof coverage without the annual $120 price tag and 240 disposables in landfills. Whether you're a green girl looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to disposables, the health-conscious queen avoiding synthetic materials, the fed-up feminist searching for products not monitored by male-driven corporations, or all of the above! The Fortress Pad may very well be your best friend.